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The flock comprises of 5000 merino ewes that average 18.7 microns.

500 of the best ewes

in the stud breeding program

2500 commercial ewes

in a self-replacing flock

2000 ewes 

are joined to a terminal ram

700 ewe lambs

joined for late spring lambing each year


We strive to achieve the best for the 

animals, land & people involved.

Mooralla Merino began recording full pedigree and Australian Sheep Breeding Values in 2015 off the back of a breeding direction change in 2011.

In 2018 we aligned with the ZQ Merino program, and ceased mulesing.

In 2022 we entered the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) system. RWS is internationally recognised as the gold standard in animal welfare and environmental stewardship.


We love our sheep, but we understand that ensuring the long-term health of the land is a critical ingredient.

We are fortunate to responsibly manage and work this land.  Respecting the land is essential in ensuring a bountiful future.  

Since 2012, we have only used naturally-based fertilisers. We also carefully manage our pasture covers to prevent soil erosion and maximise water infiltration. 

We keep tillage to an absolute minimum to allow humus to build in the soil.  


Our breeding objective is to produce a highly fertile Merino that is productive and efficient in an intensive grazing system, while maintaining good feet and wool quality in high rainfall conditions.

The farm is equally excited about the welfare traits and the opportunities they present for the development of the modern Merino breed. We're committed to breeding sheep that excel in productivity and efficiency while prioritising the well-being and welfare of our animals.

Mooralla Merino aims to create a balanced and sustainable flock that thrives in their grazing system while ensuring the long-term health and quality of our Merinos.



Early Growth - post-weaning weight & yearling weight.  This helps achieve target turn-off weights early and increases the likelihood of ewes reaching puberty by eight months of age.

High carcass traits - fat and eye muscle depth.

This helps us produce an outstanding carcass, with early finishing and excellent dressing percentages in the wether lambs.  In our ewes, it enables us to breed a highly efficient ewe that can store energy over the good times to be used in the not-so-good times.


Free-growing, long stapled, weighty wools.

We've developed sufficient fleece weight for commercial production without going to extremes.

We ensure sheep are well-balanced, comfortable and able to thrive in their environment at all times.

Reduced breech wrinkle, breech cover and dag.

A high priority to reduce the susceptibility of our sheep to fly strike and improve animal welfare.

We focus on the Worm Egg Count breeding value.

Mooralla Merino breeds sheep that have natural resilience and resistance to worms, reducing the need for drenching, reducing larvae contamination on pasture and reducing the subclinical costs of worms.

The Flock
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